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Densotrim Health Management Declaration

Our company regards the promotion of employee health as one of its management issues, and has established the Densotrim Health Declaration to actively promote employee health. In order to implement our management philosophy of “Striving for a happy and fulfilling life for each and every colleague we work with,” we declare that we will promote more health promotion activities than ever before so that employees can work healthily and actively.

July 2019

Message from the President of Health Management

At our company, we are working to make our company even better by doing the following three things.


 ① Company trusted by society and customers


 ② a company where all employees can work cheerfully and energetically with a sense of fulfillment


 ③ a profitable company

We think it is not a good company to lack any of these three things, but the important item regarding health is item ②.

First of all, physical and mental health is essential for working. If you have a bad physical condition or many problems, you can’t work cheerfully and cheerfully. Working means spending more than eight hours a day, or nearly half a day working, including commuting and overtime. And if you look at the working hours, it’s prime time when the sun shines from the beginning to the end. How you spend this time in a meaningful way will lead to your happiness and the company’s results.

As a company, we have implemented various health measures, and we will further strengthen them in the future. However, it is still difficult to say that the health culture has fully spread throughout the company. In order to make the workplace physically and mentally healthy and rewarding for employees, it is essential for each employee to raise their own health awareness and workplace health awareness, and to work autonomously and cooperatively to promote health.

For this purpose, in addition to the measures taken so far, we will promote the creation of an airy workplace where employees can pay attention to each other’s health conditions, including opportunities to think about and discuss health promotion at each workplace as well as opportunities to work together as a team. We will further promote our management philosophy of “striving for a happy and fulfilling life for each and every colleague we work with” with our employees throughout the company and work on health management.

Densotrim Corporation
President & CEO Isao Mizuno

Key Health Measures
1.To improve the health of each and every employee

We strive to provide information and create opportunities to raise awareness so that each and every employee can improve health literacy and take the initiative in health promotion.

2.To boost health literacy in the workplace

We strive to foster a climate in which we can care about the health of our peers by reducing overtime, promoting paid leave, and promoting internal communication through various events and club support.

3.To establish a more employee-friendly environment company-wide

In collaboration with the Denso Health Insurance Union and related departments, we will work on measures to combat smoking, metabolic syndrome and mental health care. In addition, we will continue to make efforts to create a more comfortable working environment for all employees, including the introduction of shorter child-care hours and work-from-home programs.

Promotion System
Promotion System
Specific Initiatives
1.Enhancement of health checkups and various cancer screenings

To ensure early detection and treatment of diseases, we encourage people who are subject to detailed and retesting to visit us through letters, emails and personal interviews.

FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022 FY 2023 Goals for FY 2025
Rate of regular health checkups(%) 100 100 100 100 100
Target rate of secondary health examinations(%)※ 9.6 10.7 11.5 12.1 10 or Less
Rate of secondary checkups(%) 68.7 78.5 91.5 In progress 100

※The targets and rates of the secondary checkups include cancer screening.

Cancer screenings are paid for by companies and health insurance societies, and efforts are being made to create an environment that makes it easier for people to have cancer screenings, such as having them at the same time as their health checkups.

FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022 FY 2023 Goals for FY 2025
Gastric cancer screening (X-ray)(%) 95.8 50 or more
Colorectal cancer(%) 74 81.7 97.3 97.5
Abdominal echo (%) 90.1 98.6
Uterine cancer(%) 23.6 14.4 61.5
Breast cancer(%) 38.8 29.7 90.9

We started in-house gastric cancer screening in fiscal 2022. Target: 50 years old or older at the end of fiscal year. Even age

In addition to abdominal echography and colorectal cancer screening, gynecological cancer screening and PSA testing have been conducted at the same time as regular health examinations since fiscal 2023.

Medical consultation rate = target persons ÷internal medical examinees (excluding those who are on leave)

As of November 2, 2023, our company has been registered as a Partner of Action for Cancer Control.

2.Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases

 1)Health Behavior Activity Index

  With the aim of raising awareness of healthy lifestyles and promoting behavioral improvements, the following seven activities are targeted.

FY 2021 FY 2022 FY 2023 Goal
(Denso Group Common)
①breakfast intake(%)  ※1 76.7 75.4 76.4 80 or more
②early dinner(%)    ※2 58.5 61.2 59.7
③proper exercise(%)   ※3 51.1 55.8 50.5
④appropriate drinking(%)※4 97.3 95.8 91.7
⑤adequate sleep(%)      64.4 63.0 52.7
⑥No smoking(%)       73.6 73.4 73.7
⑦Maintain a suitable body weight(%) 63.2 64.1 70 or more

※1 Skipping breakfast less than three times a week

※2 Eating dinner less than 2 hours before bedtime 3 times a week

※3 At least 1 hour a day of walking or equivalent physical activity in daily life (work, housework, commuting, etc.)

※4 Percentage that does not fall under “Up to 2 cups of alcohol per day, 2 days or more per week of heavy drinking on days when the liver is not in a state of rest”

 2)Specific health guidance

  Specific health guidance is provided not only to those over the age of 40 as required by law, but also to those under the age of 39 who meet the criteria for active support.

  In order to improve the implementation rate, starting with the specific health guidance in fiscal 2021, first-time interviews are conducted during office hours, by in-house public health nurses, and recommended visits from the workplace.

FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022 FY 2023 Goals for FY 2025
Rate of persons subject to specified health guidance(%)
(40 years or older)
30 19 23.9 20.4 15 or Less
Completion rate of specified health guidance(%)
(age 40 and older)
46.5 95.3 93.4 Start in October 80 or more
Percentage of specified health guidance recipients(%)
(Persons 39 years of age or younger who meet the criteria for positive support)
8.7 9.4 9.5 6.6 8 or less
3.Mental health

We are working to prevent mental health disorders, detect and respond to them early, and prevent their recurrence by holding interviews with all people under high stress, holding group analysis report meetings, and developing a system to support people returning to work.

FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022 FY 2023 Goal for FY 2025
Stress check acceptance rate(%) 98.6 98.6 99.0 99.5 100
Total health risk 109 111 104 106 100
Presenteeism※1 93.1 93.0 93.9 93.9 95.0
Work engagement※2 69.4

※1 Measured in Work Limitations Questionnaire-J

※2 Average score of all employees in the original engagement survey

4.Promotion of work-life balance

To promote a work-life balance, we recommend that employees take at least 70% of their paid leave.

In addition, we thoroughly manage long working hours not only for general employees but also for managers, and conduct interviews with industrial physicians and public health nurses, as well as medical examinations for people who work too much.

FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022 Goal
Percentage of paid leave taken(%) 85.4 88.2 87.2 70 or more
Average overtime hours(H/year) 337.99 356.739 288.624
Average years of service(year) 9.8 10.8 11.2

Eligible Persons ・・・ Full term employees (excluding temporary employees, rehired employees and temporary employees)

            However, paid holidays and overtime are excluded from those seconded overseas.

5.Conduct various education and events

 1)Promotion of understanding of health management

  Briefings (educational materials and auditing sessions) were held for managers in fiscal 2021

  and for all employees in fiscal 2022 to promote Densotrim health management activities.

 2)Improving health literacy

  The entire Denso Group is developing health literacy education.

  Health seminar theme (excerpt)

  ・Female hormones and body tricets

  ・My values changed by experiencing cancer

  ・A communication seminar to build the best possible relationship

 3)Improving exercise habits

  Walking events

  ・Participate in events (about 6 times a year) using the walking app (ARUKUTO &). The company presents participation prizes to participants.

  ・The energetic Project Team(called GENKI PRO) hosts a walking event once a year. Families can participate, and children can get sweets and juice as gifts!

  Physical fitness measurement (at regular checkups)

   Sit-to-stand Test and Two-Step Test are administered to all employees during their health checkups. Results returned by individuals and

   tabulated results by workplace are also available.

   Target audience: Candidates for on-site health checkups (excluding those who have undergone medical checkups and those who have undergone external health checkups)

FY 2021 FY 2022 FY 2023
participation rate(%) 89.4 96.9 95.7

Results above the age average

FY 2021 FY 2022 FY 2023
Sit-to-stand test(%) 55.0 70.2 84.2
Two-step test(%) 45.5 63.1 72.9

6.Infectious disease control

  In-house vaccination of influenza vaccine (applicants only)

Certification as a Company with Excellent Health Management

We were certified in 2024 as a company with excellent health management. Moving forward, we will continue to actively encourage and support health promotion measures.

Certification as “Mie Tokowaka Health Management Company 2023 (White Mie)”
Certification as “Mie Tokowaka Health Management Company 2023 (White Mie)”

We were certified as “Mie Tokowaka Health Management Company 2023(White Mie)”. This program certifies companies that promote health management as “Mie Tokowaka Health Management Company (White Mie)” in order to realize “Tokowaka’s Mie” where everyone can live healthily.

Harassment Prevention Declaration

Twice each year, we provide our employees with education and training on the prevention of harassment. Harassment in the workplace is an issue that the company cannot overlook, as it unjustly harms the dignity of workers as individuals and interferes with workplace order and the execution of business. We at Densotrim declare that we will work to eliminate and prevent harassment by maintaining a firm stance against all forms of harassment.

Action Plan for the Empowerment of Women and
the Development of the Next Generation

Our company will promote the following action plan in order to realize an environment in which everyone can work comfortably, while “promoting diversity, which is one of our important management strategies”, and “balancing work and child rearing”.

In-house Certification

Our in-house certification system has been approved by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Name of in-house certification
Densotrim In-house Certification
Applicable occupational category for approved in-house certification
Densotrim product manufacturing equipment operators
Date of approval
June 9, 2017
What is an in-house certification system?

The term “in-house certification system” refers to systems meeting certain standards that are voluntarily implemented by individual companies and organizations to certify their workers, and that are approved by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as being worthy of encouragement for promoting the improvement of skills.

The history behind introduction of our in-house certification system

Densotrim Corporation was established by DENSO Corporation in 1990 with the goal of revitalizing its ACG business (alternating current generators for two-wheeled vehicles). At first, we primarily manufactured ACGs using single-function machines, and operators improved in the necessary skills of cutting, polishing, molding, etc. through National Skill Tests and the DENSO E & TS TRAINING CENTER CORPORATION. In recent years, accompanying the expansion of products for automobiles (engine systems and electronic systems), there has been a rapid increase in automated equipment, and we consider the unique skills of equipment operators to play a highly important role in production activities. We launched our in-house certification system under the name Densotrim In-house Certification in order to supplement the specialized skills unique to our company.

Densotrim In-house Certification
Job title Densotrim product manufacturing equipment operator
Applicable skills Skills related to equipment required in line operations: abnormality diagnosis, abnormal equipment, rectification
Skills related to products required in line operations: visual inspection, measurement inspection
Contents of examinations Level 1: Assembly tasks, abnormality diagnosis tasks, measurement tasks
Level 2: Assembly tasks, quality tasks, measurement tasks
  • 組付課題
    Assembly tasks (front)
  • 組付課題
    Assembly tasks (back)
Assembly tasks
Examinees process, assemble, adjust, and input programs for supplied parts in accordance with drawings to meet specifications (PLC control).
Abnormality diagnosis tasks
Within a set period of time, examinees identify and take corrective measures (PLC) for any abnormalities that occur in production equipment installed in specialized machinery.
Measurement tasks
Indicating micrometers, cylinder gauges
Quality tasks
Examinees judge the quality of products based on product drawings and samples known to be of good quality.
Here is what’s amazing about the Densotrim In-house Certification!

Diagnosing abnormalities in production equipment, which run at high speeds and are increasingly difficult to operate, is an important skill for line leaders, and Level 1 of the in-house certification process judges the examinees’ skills in abnormality diagnosis using specialized examination equipment. Through the development of these skills, we aim to create lines with high rates of mobility.Level 2 of the in-house certification process judges the examinees’ ability to use and accurately evaluate the products produced in relation to quality inspections and measurements, which are important skills for the versatile workers who play key roles in line operations. Through the development of these skills, our Manufacturing Division is able to achieve high-quality manufacturing.

The effects and benefits of our in-house certification program

Continued operation of an in-house certification program approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare increases recognition of our human resource initiatives, and we believe that promoting manufacturing processes conducted by certified technicians will enable us to advertise the reliability of our quality as a selling point to customers. In addition, within the company, establishment of the certification system has helped employees formulate career plans and clarify goals, and it serves as a source of motivation not only among full-time employees but also among appointees, female employees, and young employees.

Comments from examinees

(Level 1 certified operator)
I practiced hard and passed the in-house certification examination, and this has given me a lot of confidence and has become a valuable asset to me.In the future, I will continue to improve the skills I have acquired, work to create a line with a high rate of mobility that produces no defective products, and strive to achieve the previously mentioned occupational functions.
(Level 2 certified operator)
This was my first experience with this kind of in-house certification system, and although it was very difficult for me to practice after regular hours in order to pass the examination, when I received the notification that I had passed, I felt a sense of achievement unlike any I had ever before experienced. I was very happy. In the future, I will carry out my duties with more confidence than ever before, and I will also put more effort into teaching the newer employees.

Together with the Local Community and Society

Volunteer Activities

As a member of the local community, we participate in a variety of volunteer activities. Moving forward, we will continue to value these activities as a part of the “Denso Group Heartful Day” initiative.

  • Blood Donation Activities

    1.Blood Donation Activities
    In order to contribute to saving lives using our own blood, ever since 1995, we have conducting in-house blood donation activities twice a year (spring and fall) during working hours on weekdays. In August 2017, we received a Letter of Appreciation from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare for our contributions to the promotion of blood donations.

  • Zero-waste Activities (Four times a year since 1996)

    2.Zero-waste Activities (Four times a year since 1996)
    Employees, together with their families, participate in cleanup activities aimed at eliminating waste and beautifying the streets.

  • Empty Can Tab Collection (since 2009)

    3.Empty Can Tab Collection (since 2009)
    We continue to collect aluminum can tabs in order to donate wheelchairs to children with disabilities. We have placed collection boxes next to vending machines and in each work area to facilitate participation in this volunteer activity. We are able to donate one wheelchair for each approx. 200 kg of tabs that we collect.

  • PET Bottle Cap Collection (since 2010)

    4.PET Bottle Cap Collection (since 2010)
    We collect PET bottle caps in order to contribute to saving children throughout the world from illness through vaccines. We have placed collection boxes at the entrances to our main building and technical center to ensure collection. Each full box (2,400 caps) can be used to purchase enough vaccines for three children.

  • Used Stamp Collection (since 2013)

    5.Used Stamp Collection (since 2013)
    We collect used stamps in order to help promote local welfare activities, and we donate welfare goods through the Komono Town Social Welfare Council.

Traffic Safety Activities

We aim to develop employees able to exemplify proper traffic safety behavior, and at the same time, we also engage in a variety of activities to contribute to traffic safety in the local community. In recognition of these activities, in June 2018, we were awarded by the Mie Prefecture Traffic Safety Association for being an excellent traffic safety organization. In addition, all employees strive to eradicate drunk driving and all other malicious driving behaviors (defined by the Denso Group as drunk driving, driving without a license, hit-and-run accidents causing personal or property damage, and reckless driving). Each and every employee endeavors to be an example of proper traffic safety behaviors.

Activities Implemented Contents
Traffic Safety Education for Employees Accompanied driving instruction for new employees along commuting route (April) We have superiors ride to work with new employees who have been licensed for less than one year in order to provide driving instruction.
Traffic safety “touch & acknowledge” (daily) The members of each workplace recite the Ten Articles of Traffic Safety every day during the morning assembly.
Road safety message broadcast before long holidays (May, August and December) A company-wide traffic safety message from the president will be broadcast on the last day of operations before the Golden Week, Summer and Winter holidays.
Practical driving instruction for young employees(March) Factory staff become instructors and provide emergency brake education to young employees.
Safe driving classes for young employees(October and December) To reduce the number of traffic accidents involving young employees, outside instructors will conduct accident prevention classes for employees aged 25 and under.
Commuter Vehicle Management Stationary patrol at the West Gate (once a month) At the company’s West Gate, we ensure that commuter vehicles are in compliance with rules and etiquette, and provide instruction and guidance.
Commuter vehicle checkups (as needed) We ensure that all vehicles are in compliance with legislation.
Community Activities Curve-mirror cleaning(once a year) Curve-mirror cleaning in the Ogahara and Ikezoko areas to prevent traffic accidents.

Densotrim’s challenge to move the world