Sustainability Management


DENSO Group Sustainability Policy

The corporate mission of DENSO Group is “to contribute to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future.” To achieve this mission, we have established the DENSO Group Sustainability Policy so that all employees in our group companies can act in a manner befitting a global corporation within the context of our relationship with society and stakeholders.

[Declaration] (Excerpt)

We will take the initiative in contributing to the sustainable development of society.

  • We will anticipate change and strive to solve social issues by developing and providing safe products and services that benefit society through a process of revolutionizing our technologies, manufacturing methods, organization, and management.
  • We will maintain high ethical standards and ensure sound and fair business operations domestically and internationally in compliance with both the letter and spirit of applicable laws, regulations, and international rules, and with respect for the culture and history of each country and region.
  • We will comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region pertaining to working hours, holidays, wages, and other basic working conditions, and will endeavor to maintain and improve comfortable working environments with due consideration for health and safety.
  • With the goal of coexisting with society, we will activity contribute to the creation and development of a better society in all countries and regions where we conduct business activities, either independently or in cooperation with our partners.

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