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March 1990 Densotrim Co.,Ltd was established in order to gain independence from Nippondenso Co.,Ltd (present DENSO Corporation).
November 1991 Operation started.
July 1993 Production of amplifiers for two-wheeled vehicles was transferred from Nippondenso Co.,Ltd.
March 1996 Changed end of fiscal year from December to March.
Established a joint venture in Chongqing City, China.
July 1996 Commenced production of electronic ballasts for four-wheeled vehicles.
July 1999 Extended the main plant.
December 1999 Acquired QS9000 and ISO9001 certifications.
Endurance Test Center completed.
January 2000 Transferred functions including design of ACG products, parts purchasing, etc. from DENSO Corporation, and established an integrated system.
May 2000 Increased capital to 310 million yen.
Transferred production of PTC applied product from DENSO Corporation.
December 2000 Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
September 2002 Transferred production of exhaust sensors from DENSO Corporation.
Head office and factory achieved Category 1 no accident record (7,000,000 hours). Achieved zero emissions.
September 2004 Acquired ISO/TS16949 certification.
January 2006 Head office and factory achieved Category 2 no accident record (10,500,000 hours).
February 2006 Commenced production of Battery Monitoring Units for electric and hybrid vehicles, a hybrid-related component.
August 2009 Head office and factory achieved Category 3 no accident record (15,800,000 hours).
April 2010 Transferred production of battery ECUs, a hybrid-related component, from DENSO Corporation.
September 2011 Commenced production of EGRTS.
July 2012 Entrusted by DENSO Corporation with the design of electronic products for two-wheeled vehicles (ignition control units and engine control units).
December 2013 Commenced production of LDMs.
December 2014 Commenced production of Lamp ECUs.
December 2015 Commenced production of Crank sensors.
January 2016 Head office and factory achieved category 4 no accident record (23,700,000 hours).
July 2016 Densotrim in-house certification system approved by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
December 2016 Commenced production of NOx-SCUs.
June 2017 Commenced production of Circuit ASSY for digital EGTSs.
September 2017 Commenced production of FPCs.
March 2018 Completed construction of Technical Center.
March 2020 Completed construction of Monodukuri Center.
April 2020 Changed company name to Densotrim Corporation.
July 2020 Opened the 2nd factory in DENSO Daian Plant.
May 2023 Head office and factory achieved category 5 no accident record (35,500,000 hours).

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