Environmental Initiatives


DENSO Eco Vision

DENSO Group aims to be a corporate group capable of contributing to the creation of an advanced motorized society through the realization of humanity-friendly and eco-friendly automobiles. To this end, we will work to reduce the environmental footprint of our products and manufacturing, as well as in all other areas of our business, while at the same time pursuing world-class environmental efficiency and higher resource productivity. We also promote “environmental management” to create economic value through environmental conservation activities. Since 2016, we at Densotrim have been actively working to realize a sustainable society in accordance with DENSO Eco Vision 2025, our long-term vision for the next ten years, in which the entire DENSO Group is committed to achieving Energy 1/2 (energy conservation), Clean ×2 (reduction of environmental footprint), and Green ×2 (environmental conservation).

DENSO Eco Vision

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Environmental Policy

(1)Our Philosophy
We are located at the foot of the Suzuka Mountains and surrounded by a richly verdant natural environment. We actively strive to conserve the environment so that we can pass this beautiful natural environment on to the next generation in a healthy state.
(2)Policy (Main Points)
  • We strive to continuously improve the environment by complying with laws and regulations, preventing environmental pollution, and other measures.
  • We work to reduce emissions and energy consumption, beginning from the product planning stage, in order to comprehensively reduce our environmental footprint.
  • We continue to raise each and every employee’s awareness of environmental conservation at each stage of business operations through environmental education and awareness activities.
  • We work to build a good, mutually-beneficial relationship with society with an awareness of and sense of responsibility for our position as a member of the local community.
  • We publicly disclose our environmental policy both inside and outside of the company.
Our Slogan

Let’s pass clean air and lush greenery on to the next generation

Examples of Environmental Activities

We promote energy-saving activities with the goal of evolving into an eco-factory, but with the increase in production of electronic products in recent years, we need to further enhance our air-conditioning capabilities in order to improve the production environment, and this is expected to increase the amount of electricity used. Therefore, our energy-saving activities focus on improving the efficiency of our air-conditioning system by reducing its heat footprint. In FY 2019, we installed a rooftop sprinkler system as a part of these efforts. Rooftop sprinkler systems suppress rises in building temperatures by spraying water directly on the roof using special sprinklers to save energy on indoor air conditioners. The system uses water pumped up from wells dug within the grounds of the factory, which also contributes to saving water resources in addition to electric power. We have also improved our ability to respond in the event of a disaster by installing a water purification system to enable the well water to be used as drinking water in the event of an emergency.

  • air-conditioning system
  • air-conditioning system

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