Corporate Governance


Our Basic Approach

Densotrim recognizes that the establishment of corporate governance is an important issue in enhancing competitiveness, and works to enhance governance with the goal of maintaining and improving long-term corporate performance.

Governance Structure and Key Organizational Bodies

Densotrim has established a variety of governance systems in addition to the legal functions of our general meetings of shareholders, board of directors, and auditors. We have also streamlined the number of directors and achieved speedy decision-making capabilities and operations via an executive system that organizes and clarifies the roles of directors in charge of administration (decision-making and supervision) and the roles of executive officers in charge of business execution. We have set director terms of office to a period of one year in order to construct an agile management system capable of responding to changes in the business environment and to further clarify management responsibility within the fiscal year.

Corporate Governance
Board of Directors
As a resolution-making body, the board of directors makes decisions on behalf of the company regarding the approval of management policies and important matters related to business operations. In order to pass, resolutions require a simple majority vote among the directors present; provided, however, that a majority of all directors are in attendance.
Functions of Management Audit
Auditors audit the execution of duties by directors, etc. as well as the business and financial status of Densotrim. In addition to attending meetings of the board of directors and other important meetings, auditors audit of the status of the execution of duties by directors and fulfill the functions of management audit by exchanging information with the Internal Audit Department and other departments related to internal control.
Development and enhancement of internal controls
We aim to conduct fair and efficient business operations in accordance with Denso Group policies.

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