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Toward Customer Trust and Contribution to Society

Densotrim designs and manufactures automobile and motorcycle parts in Komono Town, Mie Prefecture, at the foot of the Suzuka mountain range. As a member of the DENSO Group, we began manufacturing power generators for Two-wheeled vehicles in 1990. Based on this technology, we have expanded our business by manufacturing engine control parts and electronic control parts for automobiles. In particular, in the field of motorcycle products, we have grown into a comprehensive manufacturer through not only manufacturing but also development and design.We are committed to safety, quality, cost and delivery on a daily basis, and all of our employees will continue to take on the challenge of improving the satisfaction of customers who ride automobiles and motorcycles.As the technologies required for automobiles and motorcycles such as electrification and automation change drastically, we will further refine our manufacturing capabilities in design and manufacturing, and make every effort to gain customer trust and contribute to society.

Isao Mizuno

President & CEO
Isao Mizuno

Densotrim’s challenge to move the world