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Companies that promote cancer control Registered as partners in promoting action

As of November 2, 2023, our company was registered as a partner company for the promotion of cancer countermeasures.

Corporate Action for Cancer Control Official Website (Go to external site)

As part of our efforts to create a workplace where employees have proper knowledge of cancer and can work in good health and with peace of mind,
we are implementing the following initiatives.
①Disseminating information about cancer through digital signage and posters
②Start of in-house gastric cancer screening in FY 2022
③In addition to abdominal echography and colorectal cancer screening, gynecological cancer screening and PSA
 testing have been conducted at the same time as regular health examinations since FY 2023.
④Raising Awareness of the Importance of Female-specific Cancer Screening to Female Employees
⑤Conducting interviews with public health nurses

Our company will continue to disseminate the right knowledge about cancer,
educate people about cancer screening, and help employees with cancer balance their work and treatment.


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